We stay close to our customers to deliver the best solutions with “Quality”, “Environmental Performance” and “Technical Excellence”.

Pursuing a balance of “Quality”, “Environmental Performance” and “Technical Excellence”.
Daiwa Computer Co., Ltd. is building an organization of engineers with advanced specialized knowledge and skills.
We deliver the best solution for customer needs,with high quality and care for the environment.

POINT – 01Quality First

The work results of the system implementation process are not always tangible.
It’s no exaggeration to say that in engineering, process is everything. The delivery of services to customers is an accumulation of multiple processes, one by one.

Daiwa Computer’s high-quality services take shape through a process of thoroughly implementing the PDCA cycle, constantly improving and providing high quality services. To deliver to customers the best possible solutions, we maintain a rigorous Quality First stance.

POINT – 02Care for the Environment

The environment is an aspect of the physical world that interacts with living things, including people. In the 21st century, people are aware of the need to understand those interactions. Daiwa Computer operates environmental management systems based on ISO 14001, to practice environmental action in a systematic fashion.

We regard our people as vital human resources. At Daiwa Computer, we pursue comfortable office environments so that employees can apply their skills and talents to maximum effect.

POINT – 03Pursuit of Engineering Excellence

The IT revolution never stops accelerating. Our mission at Daiwa Computer is to leverage the advantages of new technologies in the services we provide to customers. To fulfill our responsibilities as a company in the IT industry, we acquire and deploy the latest technologies in rapid fashion.

Our employees constantly tackle new technologies as independently acting engineers. In support, the Company provides training systems to ensure that those individual strengths become the strength of the organization. We’re working hard to build systems that can respond to the needs of a diverse range of industries.