About Us

Management Philosophy and Credo


The management philosophy of Daiwa Computer Co., Ltd. is rooted in the spirit of harmony. The spirit of harmony is the spirit of coordinating the strengths of each individual to make them the strength of the organization. It means contributing to the development of the company and society by forming bonds of assurance, safety and trust, thereby creating an admired company. An admired company is one whose products and services people want to buy; with which people want to do business; where people want to work; and in which people are motivated to invest.


Daiwa Computer offers better solutions and products and services with high customer satisfaction. We contribute to society through people, processes and products that are admired worldwide. In this way we practice “diamond management.”


The aim of Daiwa Computer is to be a Company that creates high value-added and earns excellent employee satisfaction,
developing and creating the products and services society needs.


We pursue business in its true essence, with a judicious balance of “Quality”, “Environmental Performance” and “Technical Excellence”.

Daiwa Computer is laser-focused on Quality First. We develop high-quality systems to advance business activities that earn customer trust.
Environmental Care
We pursue the essence of what care for the environment means, advancing business activities that take protection of the earth’s environment into careful consideration.
Daiwa Computer adopts the latest technologies and the best possible technologies for the needs of the times. To position ourselves for new challenges, we work hard to acquire technologies that are “a half-step ahead” of the competition. We advance business activities that provide services customers can rely on with confidence.


The pursuit of ever better quality is our watchword. We make speed an intrinsic part of our work, but speed is only the beginning.
Our determination to stay half a step ahead is innate in our spirit, our soul, our feeling.
Our threefold Code of Conduct is as follows.

SPEED Act fast.

Business activities are never completed in a single action. One situation leads to the next step, then the next, with each factor interacting with the others. In this era of speed, the results of our decision-making can have far-reaching effects if we acquire information quickly. Each person’s attention to speed affects how smoothly we reach decisions about the next step, make judgements and take action, leading to harmonious results overall. Daiwa Computer employees understand this principle and act accordingly.

QUALITY Pursue excellent quality.

We do our utmost to meet customers’ expectations and win their trust by delivering services of truly excellent quality.
At Daiwa Computer we recognize that high-quality services are the result of high-quality processes. We establish and maintain exclusive quality control processes, followed conscientiously by every employee.
Along with excellence in the services we provide and in our quality control processes, we also pursue excellence in people. Because we devote ourselves to improving the quality of our people, we are able to deliver services that win true customer satisfaction and continue the constant pursuit of excellence.

Gutsy Be brave, passionate and cheerful.

Our spirit could be summed up as “gutsy.” We never evade, give up or obfuscate. Having found a good solution, we don’t spare the effort of looking for a better one.
Each act has an interaction with individuals and society, generating differences and issues.
At Daiwa Computer, we are always mindful to keep a spirit that thrives on difficult challenges, strives to deliver results in everything we do and devotes itself sincerely to every task. That spirit and our commitment through it to achieve results, is what we mean by “gutsy.”